Personal Training Programs

Having the right equipment can sometimes not be enough, at Body 2K it's always been our policy to provide who we consider are the best trainers to help you get the most from our facilities. Not only do all of our qualified staff have in-depth training and exercise knowledge, but each specialises in a specific area, which means you will always receive the highest standard of advice whatever your requirements.


From left to right: Barry Vinnicombe, Gym Instructor, Linda Harley, Senior Fitness instructor/Personal Trainer, Patricia Howe, Partner, Jamie Howe, Partner and Jamie Selley, Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor

Barry Vinnicombe

Gym Instructor

Competitive bodybuilder & experienced in martial arts training.

Personal Quote

"Never a crowd on the extra mile"

Linda Harley

Senior Fitness instructor/Personal Trainer

Reps registered Level 3

25 yrs industry experience

Specializing in Ante Natal/Post Natal

Diploma in nutrition/weight management

Diploma in Advanced Exercise Performance

Personal Quote

"Lengthen Your Line"

Patricia Howe


Twice British Champion (Female Bodybuilding)

Mother of two

30 years Gym experience

Personal Trainer Level 3

Experienced in Martial Arts

Personal Quote

"Search Within Yourself"

Jamie Howe

Partner & Gym Instructor

Over 20 years Weight Training experience

Over 15 years Martial Arts experience

Personal Quote

"Don't think just do"

Jamie Selley

Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor

Experienced in Boxing & Rugby

Personal Quote

"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows"